About Us

13 meridians to the east of Greenwich, our gaze starts opening up onto territories, stories and histories, cultures and dimensions that have long been – and still are – inscribed within the wider concept of the East. An East that is close yet exotic, ours yet belonging to others, that defines yet challenges us.

Meridiano 13 is a cultural association and online journal that strives for the promotion of socio-economic, cultural, musical, and artistic content from and about Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans and Caucasus.

We want to contribute to the dissemination of information on this area of Europe among the general public through news reports, featured articles, and multimedia content, as well as through the organisation of conferences, art events, workshops, and educational activities.

Meridiano 13 is produced by young, qualified journalists, researchers, linguists, and professionals who experienced this part of Europe and want to make it accessible to the wider public.